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Introduction to party building
In order to practice the "Two Studies, One Action" principle, deeply understand the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, review the Party's history, enhance the cultivation of party spirits, stay true to the mission and move on, under the leadership of Ma Chengyu, the general Party branch secretary, members of the CPC general Party branch (Nanjing Chengzhi) of Nanjing Chengzhi Clean Energy Co., Ltd., members of all branches, and applicants for Party membership went to Jinggang Mountain on October 24, to revisit the Red Army Road and relive the revolutionary spirit, and conducted a three-day red education and learning activity in Jinggang Mountain, achieving good results.
Fun Games
On the morning of August 26th, the fun sports meeting organized by nanjing chengzhi clean energy co., ltd. was held in nangang gymnasium. More than 100 employees and their families took part in it. Organized by the labor union and human resources department of the company, this activity carefully planned 8 competition items, divided into five teams, and carried out fierce and interesting competition activities.
Parent-child Games
On July 20, with the strong support of the planning department of the joint stock company, Nanjing Chengzhi Clean Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nanjing Chengzhi") held a large "Painting" factory parent-child activity, in which 13 families of employees from various departments participated.
Brisk walking
On the morning of August 26, the fun games organized by the trade union of the company were held in Nangang Gymnasium, and more than 100 employees and their families actively participated in the games. The event was jointly organized by the company's trade union and human resources departments, eight competitive events were carefully planned and employees were divided into five teams, to carry out intense and interesting competition activities.
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