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Address:No.118, fangshui road, chemical industrial park, liuhe district, nanjing city, jiangsu province

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Nanjing Chengzhi Clean Energy Co., Ltd., established in September 2003, is located in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, with a registered capital of RMB 3,685 million, and covering an area of 54 hectares, and its multiple production units are constructed in three phases. On November 23, 2016, Chengzhi Shareholding Co., Ltd. completed the further issuance and acquisition, becoming the sole shareholder of Nanjing Chengzhi Clean Energy Co., Ltd. Chengzhi Shareholding Co., Ltd. is a high-tech listed company controlled by Tsinghua University, and its main businesses include the life science and technology, new energy, medical services, pharmaceutical and chemical, liquid crystal materials, etc.

Nanjing Chengzhi is a leading comprehensive operator of industrial gas and basic chemical raw materials in the domestic clean energy field, specializing in the production and operation of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and other gases, co-production of methanol, olefins, butyl octanol and other products, which are mainly supplied to enterprises in Nanjing Jiangbei New District and its surrounding areas. The company has jointly produced various gases and methanol, giving full play to the efficiency, unique advantages and competitiveness of the plant. The company's environmental protection advantages of green cycle lie in the coal gasification production and comprehensive recovery of waste residue and wastewater, low carbon dioxide emission, waste heat recovery and carbon dioxide recovery.

Nanjing Chengzhi has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many enterprises, including Celanese Corporation, Air Products & Chemicals, BASF and Te An Ling Tian (Nanjing) Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., to meet the growing demands for chemical gas in the park. Meanwhile, the company has always insisted on the innovation, and continuously explored the conservation and environmental reuse of conventional energy, advanced production equipment and technology, making the company a model for the energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy development in the park and even in China. In Nanjing Jiangbei New District, we have created a complementary industrial chain with our integrated coal chemical unit as the leading role in "Optimizing resource allocation and sharing cooperative benefits".

Company profile